Paignton Championship Dog Show
6th Aug 2016 - 9th Aug 2016

Paignton Championship Dog

The Paignton Championship Dog Show will be returning to Westpoint this summer. The event itself is a qualifying show for Crufts and an ideal opportunity to meet Champion Dogs and dog lovers alike. Paignton Championship Dog Show will exhibit 163 breeds of dog. Agility will be taking place on all four days and obedience classes will be held on the last show day.

Event Dates:

6th August: Gundogs and Terriers
7th August: Hounds
8th August: Pastoral and Working
9th August: Utility and Toy

Open Agility
Saturday 6th August - Tuesday 9th August 2016

Open Obedience
Tuesday 9th August 2016

Have A Go Scurries
Saturday 6th August - Monday 8th August 2016

 Opening Times:

Saturday 6th August 7am - 6pm
Sunday 7th August 7am - 6pm
Monday 8th August 7am - 6pm
Tuesday 9th August 7am - 6pm

Judging commences at 9.30am each day

 Admission Charge

Free entry to visitors

Dogs are permitted at this event at a cost of £6 per dog. Tickets for each dog will be given to the owner and checked upon leaving the site.

 Contact Details

Tel: 01364 642 420