Musical score debut at Devon County Show

Musical score debut at De

A musical score, written by Baron Andrew Lloyd Webber, is to make its debut at this year’s Devon County Show (16-18 May), in celebration of the Pony Club’s 90th year.

Over 60 Pony Club jockeys and their four-legged friends will take part in a Pageant in the main arena at 4.15pm on Saturday 18th May, the final day of the Devon County Show. It will conclude with a spectacular ride to this piece of music composed exclusively in celebration of the Pony Club’s milestone anniversary by the musical legend himself.

The Pony Club celebrates its 90th year in 2019 and the Pageant at Devon County Show is designed to show off all the benefits that the Pony Club has offered its members over the years and continues to do so: fun, friendship, teamwork, education and welfare. The Pageant will demonstrate and highlight all the skills Pony Club members learn, including pony racing, Tetrathlon, mounted games, dressage, show jumping and eventing, with riders aged between 4 and 25.

The Pageant has been brought to the Devon County Show by Deborah Custance Baker, the Pony Club Area Representative who commented that trying to organise the smooth running of a competition involving 60+ young riders and their equine charges has been a challenge, all be it a wonderful one. She said: “They say you should never work with children and animals but I’m utterly confident that Pony Club members can pull this off. I have complete faith in them and hope the public will really enjoy their professionalism and enthusiasm. This is a great opportunity for so many children to come together, ride in the main ring at the County Show, and celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Pony Club – I hope that they will all remember the experience for the rest of their lives.

Deborah is also anticipating extreme pony cuteness as a result of the Pageant which will undoubtedly result in extreme badgering from children wanting a pony. She said: ‘All parents need to be prepared for a barrage of pleading. We will have some noise-cancelling headphones available for those parents who simply can’t cope anymore.”