Equine Fair supports Brooke

Equine Fair supports Broo

Brooke, an international charity that protects and improves the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules in developing countries is the chosen charity for the Westcountry Equine Fair 2019.

There are stark differences between the daily lives of the well-kept horses we see here today, and the horses, donkeys and mules Brooke works with. Sadly, many of these working animals are suffering.

Brooke Action for Working Horses & Donkeys was born from the rescuing of horses, donkeys and mules that had fought in WW1, by Dorothy Brooke. These animals had been sold into a life of hard labour in Cairo after the conflict ended. The public, after reading about their plight, donated the equivalent of £20,000 to help end the suffering. Within three years, Dorothy Brooke had purchased 5000 ex-warhorses. Most were old, exhausted and had to be humanely put down.

Dorothy founded the Old War Horse Memorial Hospital in Cairo, with the promise of free veterinary care for all the city’s working horses and donkeys. Today, the now global charity Brooke has moved away from free veterinary treatment. Instead it focuses on sustainable solutions to welfare problems, including training of owners and service providers like vets, harness makers and farriers. They also advocate internationally for better animal welfare policy.

To help Brooke build a better life for future generations of horses, donkeys and mules, go to thebrooke.org to find out more.

The Westcountry Equine Fair, (Westpoint, Exeter on Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th December) hosts a wide selection of educational, competitive and entertaining demonstrations in the indoor arena with features from the West of England, with the event promoting ‘The Best of the West’.

There will also be the BETA sponsored Equestrian Knowledge Zone. You can ask advice from a selection of top experts including: equine vet; equine dentist; Lorinery; referral farrier; equine nutritionist, free hat and body protector checks and worming. RoboCob the mechanical horse will also be available to have-a-go to fine tune riding skills.

The show is not complete without the amazing equestrian shopping village. With over 200 companies, this is a great equestrian shopping experience for the horse and rider. Don’t forget you don’t need to carry those heavy shopping bags around with the shop and drop facility in the foyer - all donations to Brooke.

This is certainly the total equestrian experience for the dedicated rider!


The show will take place at Westpoint in Exeter on Saturday 7th Sunday 8th December 2019. 9.00am – 5.00pm

Tickets are on sale with a discounted rate to those booking in advance. Details are available on our website www.westcountryequinefair.co.uk or calling 01392 421500 (office hours – Monday to Friday, 9.00am until 5.00pm)).

You can also keep up to date with everything happening at the show by visiting our website www.westcountryequinefair.co.uk or joining our Facebook group and following us on Twitter #equinefair and Instagram. For exhibitor enquiries, please call 01392 421500.