What does Covid mean for the event and conference industry?

What does Covid mean for

From 15th December, new “Plan B” measures were put in place to slow the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid. 

•    Covid passes must be shown on entry for venues which hold 500 people indoors, outdoor venues with more than 4,000 people, as well as any outside venue with more than 10,000 people.
•    People should work from home “if they can”, and are advised to take lateral flow tests (LFTs) before entering any “high-risk setting”, including busy areas and some workplaces
•    Compulsory face coverings in most indoor public venues, including theatres and cinemas - as well as on public transport and in shops and hairdressers - but not in pubs or restaurants, or venues such as gyms where it’s “not practical”

What does this mean for events and conferences?

•    So far, no requirement to cancel events. The Prime Minister stressed that “hospitality settings will be exempt”, and that there remains no restrictions on meetings or events happening for business or social purposes.
•    No enforcement of social distancing requirements, including the “2m rule”
•    Businesses and events will be encouraged to use Covid-19 certification, particularly for larger gatherings. A negative lateral flow test remains an acceptable form of Covid status certification, alongside proof of vaccination.
•    Specific Covid-19 risk assessment is no longer required - Covid can form part of your standard risk assessment.
•    There is now no legal requirement for Test and Trace data gathering (recommended only)

What’s next for our events?

The government continues to monitor infection rates in the coming weeks, and if there’s another spike, restrictions may be reintroduced. The next public review is expected on Jan 26 2022
The latest guidance for Conference and Event organisers states

: “Venues and event organisers should consider their ventilation strategy, occupancy, operations, space utilisation, and people movement outcomes within an overall risk assessment tailored to each venue.”

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