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Young Farmers set to raise up to £10,000 for the Addington Fund

The Addington Fund, want to give a HUGE shout out to the Devon Young Farmers and the lovely ladies of the Devon WI for helping us achieve our target of cutting and bagging up five kilometres worth of the fourteen kilometre long World’s Longest Knitted Bunting, during our Bunting Weekender event at Westpoint Arena.

Our bunting weekender was hosted in the main conference room at Westpoint, Exeter, where five ‘bunting stations’ were set up from one end of the room to the other, measuring 10 metres in length. A trusty volunteer would then pull strings of knitted flags out of the boxes packed full on bunting, rearrange the flags neatly, then they’d chop and fold the bunting in to the custom made Addington Fund packaging to be finished off carefully with a cardboard topper displaying the Addington Fund logo.

Annie Winn, from The Fund, said

Without the help of the Devon Young Farmers and the lovely ladies from the Devon WI, we would not have been able to reach our target of packing up 5000 metres of bunting and in turn we’d have missed out on raising vital funds for our charity via sales of the bunting. The beautifully packaged bags were then hand delivered to farm shops in the local area to sell in time for summer parties, weddings and the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! If all the bags are sold via the farm shops and via the shop on our website, the help from the young farmers and the Devon WI could raise up to £10,000 in total for our charity, which is invaluable to our charity and the farming community.

If you would like some of this historic icon, you can purchase some of the World’s Longest Knitted Bunting at the following farm shops (the proceeds made from the sales of the bunting will be given direct to the Addington Fund)

A special thanks goes to the farm shops above for their kindness, generosity time and efforts, and for allowing us to sell our packaged bunting in their shops.

Thanks to Westpoint at the Devon County Showground for letting us use their conference room, a perfect place to package up five kilometres worth of bunting!

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